Dining at the Lava Lizard

Farm to table fresh food in an open air dining room with breathtaking views
The Lava Lizard Restaurant features farm to table fresh food in an open air dining room with a breathtaking view of Arenal Volcano. Wholesome meals are prepared with many organic ingredients from the Leaves and Lizards farm. While you eat, enjoy a rainbow of birds visiting the feeders just outside the dining area. A truly unique experience! We offer a variety of options for those that are meat eaters, gluten free, vegetarian, lactose free and vegan. (Menu is subject to change)

Enjoy a signature cocktail at our poolside Tiki Bar. The bar features hand-crafted sculptures of Costa Rican wildlife, including a life-sized crocodile! Keep an eye out for the Lava Lizard himself keeping watch over the bar.


We make fresh bread for dinner, daily. We make our own sandwich bread, English Muffins and desserts too! Our home churned ice cream and tropical fruit sorbets are hard to resist! Soups are crafted with our own produce or locally sourced. Try our cooking tour and learn to cook traditional Costa Rican foods with our cooks in the Lava Lizard kitchen!  No experience or Spanish necessary, just a hearty appetite and lots of hand gestures!

Foods organically produced at Leaves and Lizards:

Milk, Cream, Sour Cream, Butter, Buttermilk, Cheese, a variety of fruits and vegetables, Chicken, Eggs, Beef, and Pork.

Please note:

Since all of our food is made fresh to order and the Lava Lizard is only open for our guests, reservations are required for Lunch and Dinner.

Tipping: In Costa Rica there is a mandatory service charge of 10% added to your bill, as well as 13% tax. Thanks!

*Menu is subject to change based on availability of ingredients.