October 1, 2019 – October 3, 2019 all-day
Leaves and Lizards Retreat - Costa Rica
Debbie Legg

The 2019 International Equine Summit committee will be offering 3 full days of workshops for interested individuals attending the Summit. Please plan to arrive and stay at Leaves and Lizards on or before Sept. 30th. Space is limited to ensure quality one-on-one experiences.

Participants can mix and match according to their interest, however, the ‘Introduction to Sand Play Therapy, is a 3 day course.

Option 1: Shelley Rosenberg. Expand your riding skills and learn how to support the rider, combining EFL techniques while the rider is in the saddle and ride to a beautiful waterfall in the rain forest. $100/day

Option 2: Deborah Draves Legg – Advanced Eponaquest Riding Instructor and Power of the Herd Instructor will present a full day course teaching EFL professionals how to incorporate Linda Kohanov’s ‘Power of the Herd’ principles when working with families and understanding family dynamics. $100/day

Option 3: Sally Nilsson – Eponaquest Riding Instructor and Power of the Herd Instructor, IPEC Professional Coach will offer individuals a one day course teaching a variety of  tools to enhance their professional practice and create presentations. $100/day

Option 4: Gretchen Morgan – LCSW and Sand Play trainer will teach a 3 day course ‘Introduction to Sand Play’ and you will learn how to incorporate it into your equine practice. This certified course offers professional continuing education credits. $650 per person. 18 CE’s are offered.

Option 5: Sidsel Sommer equine osteopath will teach a 3-day basic osteopath course. Click Here for more information. $300/person

To sign up, or if you have any questions about these pre-summit courses please contact Deborah at leavesandlizardsretreat@gmail.com