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We believe in the infinite gift of collaboration

We value the thread of synchronicities uniting us all

We are ambassadors of Epona, supporting the process of healing  

We are Eponicity

Equine Facilitated Learning encourage us to look within ourselves to find balance, regain strength, renew spirit and rediscover our power. Eponicity programs usually incorporate horses in some aspect. No need to be a horse lover to open the door to connection, just bring your curiosity!

The passionate individuals that are Eponicity are driven to provide non-judgmental, professional services; to support the evolutionary journey of our colleagues and our clients; to offer creative ideas that support the vision of our clients, bringing the journey and the job into alignment.

With the horse as our partner, keeping us authentic, we can envision the infinite possibilities for growth. We notice the synchronicities, and start to identify the common thread that connects us all, what we do is for the good of whole.

Are you ready to take the thread?


 “If we want to keep growing and evolving, we have to be willing to let go of beliefs, habits, roles, and practices when they become too tight. We must be willing to take off our current realities and step into new ones. We must let go of our perceptions of who we have been and step into the next generation of who we are called to be.”

~  Alan Seale (Create A World That Works)

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Deborah Draves-Legg ~ Founder of Leaves and Lizards and Eponicity, Advanced Eponaquest Riding Instructor Power of the Herd Instructor, Registered Nurse ~ Languages: English, Intermediate Spanish


Sally Nilsson ~ IPEC coach, Eponaquest Instructor, Power of the Herd Instructor, Former Corporate Attorney ~Languages: English, Intermediate Spanish



Shelley Rosenberg ~ Senior Eponquest Instructor, Founder of My Horses My Healers, the Eponaquest Riding Program, Author, Horse Trainer, USA Dressage Judge ~ Languages: English



Gretchen Morgan ~ Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Sand Play Therapist and Instructor ~ Languages: English



Leila Pages ~ Photographer, Horse Expert and Trainer, Award winning Documentary Director and Producer ~ Languages: English, Spanish, French



Susan Crimmins ~ LCSW, Ph.D in criminal justice, Energy worker/healer, Eponaquest instructor, Systemic Constellation Facilitator ~ Languages: English



Eric Kolesar ~ Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness Coach and Instructor ~ Languages: English, Beginner Spanish


Enrique Molina ~ Expert Horseman and Horse Handler, Co-Facilitator, Professional Naturalist Guide ~ Languages: Spanish, English

Phoebe Hoffman ~ Gifted Intuitive and Animal Communicator ~ Languages: English


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Astonishing. Exhilarating. Revealing. Transformational.  All words that accurately describe my experience in the Eponicity workshop.  In our every day lives, we hope to learn about ourselves in bits and pieces.  We try to grow in small ways hoping they’ll add up, eventually, to something bigger, something meaningful.  But imagine doing all this in one week. Enter Eponicity.  I arrived afraid –  what if I couldn’t keep up with the “horsey stuff”?  I hadn’t ridden since I was 12 when I was told I was awkward and untalented. What if I held the group back or worse… ….What is the process?  It’s hard to describe because it’s an evolution, different for each person.  It starts with sitting blind-folded in a circle and waiting for a horse – your horse – to choose you. From there a friendship evolves through exercises, rides, coaching, and social experiences.  Your horse lovingly gives you what you need and, in turn, requires that you shed what you do not.  Today, I describe myself as arriving in Costa Rica a garden snake and shedding so many skins, I left as a python. It’s not just the horses.  It’s also the people – the brilliant trio of Danielle MacKinnon, Debbie Legg, and Sally Nilsson.  They are more than a team, rather a seamless interweave of talents able to work with each of us to tease out our raw, beautiful humanness and, from there, dip our toes into the pool of our authentic selves. I am home now, a different person.  No one around me can quite name it. Some say I’m gentler, others prefer ‘more directed’ or ‘better grounded’.  The words don’t matter because the truth is I’m more me.  And becoming me is a never-ending process that I’m honored to have begun with Eponicity at Leaves and Lizards.

Julie Davidson


“I had no idea what to expect from Eponicity or whether it would be for our family, but I was open to new and different experiences and knew that family time is always good.  But wow!  What we got blew my mind.

As instructors and emotional coaches you are fabulous. To use some of the concepts you taught – you moved fluidly through the herd roles as needed to manage my kids and our family beautifully.  I was amazed how each of my children could step into the arena on their own and work through their unique and precise areas of growth.  It truly almost felt like it was magic, but rather it was just deep intuition from Debbie, Sally and mostly the horses.

With no horse background, I feel like we grew so much in our understanding of horse behaviour and personalities. For myself it reflected my challenge in balancing my assertiveness with my desire for collaboration.  As a business owner and strong assertive woman, I have at times struggled in growing up and feeling self-conscious as if I was coming on too strong.  I was happy to work through this balance of herd roles of dominant, leader, nurturer with Cosmo (my horse), to get to my place of “joy” and “being”. Working with feelings all day, and so often being in my head with with them, I can feel uneasy with whether I can recognise and be aware of my more intuitive, gutteral side.

It was a joyful, full, release to be on the learner side and emotionally experience all that my family was getting to experience. The gratitude was overwhelming. For my sensitive, restless and at times anxious 7-year-old, it was so empowering for him to see that he was capable of leadership and a bond with this massive beauty.  For my spirited and passionate 10-year-old, she faced knowing how to use and balance the wonderful gift of her palpable energy.  And for my introverted, underspoken, big-hearted 14-year-old, he was able to work through finding his voice and his assertiveness in a way that felt authentic to him.  Then for my husband, there were clearly valuable issues around his own self-identity that he worked through.

Power is a wonderful thing when it is in proper balance.  That is what Eponicity showed so beautifully. Thank you so very much.”


Kristin Valenus, family of 5

We are honored to be part of the award winning documentary, “Freedom Tracks“, directed by Leila Pages. The documentary explores human horse relationships and the capacity of the horse to help humans connect.  Here is the trailer.


What to expect in a Costa Rica horse adventure:

The Horses: The Costa Rican horses, Costarricense de Paso also known as Criollo, are a combination of several Spanish horses (Barb, Andalusian, Arab) and the Peruvian Stepping Horse. This magical combination has created horses with a smooth, comfortable gait. They are fearless, sure footed, hardworking and extremely versatile. The horses at Leaves and Lizards are cared for and trained using natural/relationship based horsemanship techniques. We use Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridles.  Options range from the highly spirited Criolla to low key Quarter Horses and anywhere in between. The riding style is Western. We will help you choose just the right horse. Maybe your horse will choose you! In Spanish it is called `Vinculo’ ; it is an explainable bond between two souls. Join us in Costa Rica for the best horseback riding experience of your life! The Environment/Weather: Costa Rica has around 30 different micro-climates.  Leaves and Lizards Retreat is located in the region of Humid Rain Forest. We are located on the Caribbean slope and our weather is wetter, the rain forest greener and denser than on the Pacific Slope. You may get wet on one or more of your riding days at anytime during the year. Temperatures are 80’s in the day and 70’s at night almost all year round. The Nature:  You may feel like you have entered into the ‘Land of Oz’ during your journey. Our rides take you cantering across rolling hills, through rain forests, fording clear rivers, and trotting down isolated country roads through sleepy villages. Views from the hilltops are breathtaking. The Arenal Volcano dominates the vista, look the other way; you’ll see 3 more volcanoes in the distance and across the Northern plains Lake Nicaragua shimmers on the horizon. You’ll be sure to spot all sorts of creatures, including curious monkeys (without wings), happy sloths, dozens of species of flamboyant tropical birds, poison dart frogs and maybe even an ocelot or other wild cat-just to name a few! Your guides will teach you about the environment and how the flow of energy works in the complex circle of life in the rain forest. The Energy: There is something indescribable about the energy here. Some say it is a shift in consciousness. The real world slips away as you canter across rolling hills on forest edges. You find the Costa Rica motto, ‘Pura Vida’ (pure life) has a special meaning on the back of your horse. The Guides:  Some rides include a bilingual naturalist guide and a local cowboy and horseman. Your guides will become fast friends and lifelong kindred spirits. They will offer you guidance and encouragement to improve your horsemanship skills and facilitate a Vinculo (special connection) with your equine companion. The Culture: The Costa Rican’s call themselves Tico’s. They are friendly, welcoming people who are proud of their country and are incredibility hospitable. Horses are a part of the culture and used for work on farms and ranches. Community events such as Rodeos, Topes (dancing horse parades), Cabalgatas (group cross-country rides) and Endurance Rally’s are yearly events in many communities. Experiencing the culture and people of Costa Rica is an important element of the Eponicity experience at Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Cabin Retreat.

Books about our horses by Dr. Rosalyn Berne.

“When the Horses Whisper” shows the capacity of horses to help us heal the human heart.

Waking to Beauty

When the Horses Whisper

When the Horses Whisper

It expresses in human language what horses have to say when given the chance to speak. It is a story about the sacred bond between us, and the communication made possible when the horse-human relationship is based on love. Conversations with fifteen horses, most of who live and work in Costa Rica, are featured along with their photographs, capturing them as individual beings in service to humans on a shared evolutionary journey. This journey amounts to the “re-membering” of our whole selves in the wholeness of creation, especially the parts we split off, deny, and place in shadow because they are too painful. Horses, as the book shows, can help us see these lost parts, and call forth our courage to reclaim them. For the author, these included the loss of a newborn daughter, the mental illness of an adult son, letting go of a thirty-year marriage, and childhood sexual abuse. The story recounts the equine healing work that helped in reclaiming her authentic self. This book is testimony to the power of horses and equine healing work in transforming life’s losses into a deeper human wholeness and a further communion with the non-human world.  



 Due to the smaller stature of Costa Rica horses, in general, we have a 250 pound weight limit.

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