Retreats & Workshops

For education and personal growth

Leaves and Lizards provides the perfect backdrop for learning

Our private retreat offers a wonderful combination of location, environment, facilities, and instructors. You’ll be inspired by the natural beauty, as well as the murals and sculptures throughout the property. Expand your horizons, hone a skill, or just unplug and recharge. Explore our Events Calendar for a complete list of upcoming classes and workshops.

Your host, Steve Legg is responsible for the beautiful murals and 3D relief sculptures in the cabins and around Leaves and Lizards.

The photography throughout the Leaves and Lizards website is provided by Leila Pagés and Rob Knight. Leila and Rob both provide photography classes and workshops at Leaves and Lizards.

Eponicity Equine Assisted Learning

Eponicity One Day Workshops Information Click Here

Eponicity is Eponaquest based equine facilitated learning methods that encourage us to look within ourselves to find balance, regain strength, renew spirit and rediscover our power. Horses teach us to be authentic with ourselves and within our communities. Let the special horses at Leaves and Lizards lead you to a place of peace and understanding. We offer multi-day workshops, riding treks and one day mini-workshops. Certified Eponaquest instructors Sally Nilsson or Debbie Legg will lead this journey of connection.   This activity is suitable for individuals, couples and families or corporate groups.

Corporate Team Building Workshops at Leaves and Lizards

Operator: Leaves and Lizards  Eponicity Equine Facilitated Learning

Time: Full day, weekly workshops and treks

Cost: Varies

Degree of difficulty: Easy to Moderate. All work can be done on the ground, there is no need to ride.

Eponicity One Day Workshop Testimonials:

CV, Psychologist; “ …I was amazed how each of my children could step into the arena on their own and work through their unique and precise areas of growth. It truly almost felt like it was magic, but rather it was just deep intuition from Debbie, Sally and mostly the horses! ”

QS, 6 year old: “…my horse know when I was scared, I felt like he comforted me, then he helped me see that I am strong, and I wasn’t scared anymore!”

SA, 10 year old; “…I am being bullied in school, and Titan taught me how to stand my ground without becoming a bully too. I felt good understanding how to be dominant in a good way.”

EV, 12 year old;…”I saw my family in a different way, it was nice to do the activity together we grew closer, I know more about myself now….I learned how  to understand when to back off, when I come on too strong.”

KR, Psycholgist; “…What amazed me is how the horses mirrored or pulled out dynamics that I see in my children, wife, and myself, and what they pulled out is exactly what each of us needed to see. How does a horse do that??!!!. Nature, and these wonderful horses, helped me step into a greater awareness of myself and my family…”

Professional Coaching Services

Want to feel more positive, energized, empowered and less stressed?  Book a session with our on-site certified professional coach, Sally Nilsson, and feel the difference!

Sally Nilsson is a certified executive coach with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), experienced facilitator, mentor and instructor in Eponaquest & Power of the Herd horse-led leadership and personal development activities. Sally spent 15 years as a corporate attorney in London and Hong Kong, starting her career in a leading global law firm and culminating as General Counsel of a well-known European real-estate investment firm with a multi-national team of lawyers – her communication skills and emotional intelligence have always been at the core of her leadership style. Sally first discovered Leaves and Lizards by chance on a riding vacation and, a few years later in 2015, stepped off the corporate path to follow her passion, move to Costa Rica and focus her full attention on supporting others to find the life they truly want – and to believe, that like her, they can create it.

Sally offers individual sessions in person or by skype. She also offers an attitudinal assessment tool (IPEC Energy Leadership Assessment Index) as a powerful process to understand the way in which you currently approach things and how that may be working for/against you.

Operator:  The Dandelion Life at Leaves and Lizards

Time: By Appointment on-site or by SKYPE

Full Brochure of Services: Sally Nilsson Coaching

February 2018- Working with Sally was: Empowering. Meaningful. More effective than I could have ever imagined. Eye opening. Life changing. Needed. Helped me take more control of my life and how I see myself. Feeling the changes in myself is awesome. I have discovered power and growth within myself that I had been looking for my entire life.

Josh Gershon

Founder, Startup Island

Sally Nilsson

Sally Nilsson

The Dandelion Life

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Professional Photography Classes

Remember this trip to Costa Rica forever with beautiful, professional pictures
Operator: Leïla Pagès (on-site photographer)

Time: Full day (8 hours) OR 1/2 day (4 hours) OR Hourly

Cost: See package descriptions

Degree or difficulty: All ages and all levels are welcome!


Do you have a great camera but your photos won’t stand out?Let Leila, our professional photographer, teach you how to take the best vacation pictures! Learn how to get the most out of your camera and make your photos stand out! Whether you have a  fancy smart phone or a top technology camera, learn professional tips on how to photograph wildlife, portraits, excursions, learn editing techniques, how to use of editing software and so much more!

Cost: $30 per hour / $100 for a half day / $150 for a full day


Do you want to rest and enjoy your vacation while having beautiful memories of it? Leila offers a photography package and takes pictures of your stay at Leaves & Lizards.  You receive a beautiful personalized photo gallery of your stay that you can share with friends and family! Click Here For Sample Album

Cost: $150 for a gallery of 80 pictures


Have you ever taken pictures of  a special vacation and don’t have time to do anything with it? With this package, let Leila take your own photos and videos and select the best, edit them and put them together on a beautiful photo gallery and video slideshow that you can share with friends and family.  Click HERE for a Sample Video.

Cost: $30 per photo album


Have you always wanted your professional portrait taken but never took the time to do it? Take advantage of the beautiful landscapes in Costa Rica to get beautiful head shots of you or professional portrait of  your family!

Cost: $30 for 2 photos (+$10 per additional pictures)

Creative Immersion Yoga & Photography Retreat

A 9 day all-inclusive Costa Rica retreat hosted by Leaves & Lizards

Panasonic LUMIX Ambassador Rob Knight and yoga instructor Kelly Yount have designed this retreat to be different than your average Costa Rica tour. Of course you will visit beautiful locations, meet friendly local people, and see amazing wildlife, but Rob and Kelly offer you the chance to go further. They will work along side you to help you tap into your creativity. They want to show you what can happen when you tune in to yourself and your environment to explore your personal style and vision.

Operator : Creative Immersion Retreats

Rob Knight & Kelly Yount

Dates : September 14-21, 2019

Cost : $2195 per person- double occupancy

Degree or difficulty : All levels are welcome!

Sponsors: LUMIX USA, Tenba Bags, Gnarbox

Picture Yourself…

Tropical birds call through the rain forest as you step into the warm morning. You settle into a rocking chair and a cup of coffee on the porch of your private cabin as you watch the light and the clouds dance across the Arenal Volcano. Watch the hummingbirds and try to spot a toucan as you make the short walk to join your fellow travelers for a yoga class. Breathe, stretch your body, and open your heart to whatever might come today. After a home-cooked breakfast you set out for adventure. Today you’l board a private river boat to photograph monkeys, birds, sloths and more. The excitement of the day carries you through an evening yoga class and into the cocktail hour, where you’ll share your experience and photographs with your companions. After enjoying a farm-to-table dinner in the open-air dining room you’ll head back to your cabin to recharge and prepare for a whole new experience tomorrow.

A creative journey…

You’ll explore concepts such as visual storytelling, mindful photography, and photographic intent. Use Costa Rica as a backdrop to engage your creative side while you explore your unique viewpoint. This tour is not just about philosophy though. This is also a Costa Rica photography workshop. Rob and Kelly will provide hands-on instruction, presentations, and demonstrations throughout the week to help you unlock your creativity and create your own compelling images.