Higher Living Now ~ Horse and Yoga Self Empowerment Retreat @ Leaves and Lizards
Dec 10 – Dec 16 all-day
Higher Living Now ~ Horse and Yoga Self Empowerment Retreat @ Leaves and Lizards
The retreat will be centered around the 5 kosha bodies and have experiences designed to bring balance, regain strength, renew spirit and rediscover our power. Through a framework of an ancient system designed to look at levels of consciousness, we can  become more of our most authentic selves. We will be using this system as a tool kit to check in and see where we are coming from and areas that we can focus on to improve our life. This will provide the framework of the each day’s activities.
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It will include the following days:

 5 Kosha:

  • Annamaya  “Food or Physical”
  • Pranamaya “Energy”
  • Manomaya “Mind”
  • Vijnanamaya “Wisdom”
  • Anandamaya “Bliss”

Eponicity’s Horse Crazy Affair @ Leaves and Lizards Retreat Costa Rica
Jan 29 – Feb 5 all-day

Activities include:

~ Horse selection (your horse picks you for the week) ~

~ Follow trails through the rainforest with your horse to swim in our private waterfall ~

~ Gallop along rolling hills in the shadow of the Arenal volcano ~

~ Join a “Cabalgata” (community ride with 100s of local horses through wild, natural countryside) ~

~ Discover what your horse can teach you about yourself ~

~ Build trust with your horse partner on a full moon night ride (weather permitting) ~

~ Play team rodeo games with local “Tico” cowboys ~

~ Swim and play with your horse in the Arenal river ~

~ Watch the sun set over the Arenal volcano each night from our infinity pool or Tiki bar ~

Horse Crazy Affair Costa Rica Eponicity

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Horse and Soul Retreat with Danielle MacKinnon @ Leaves and Lizards
Oct 18 – Oct 25 all-day
Horse and Soul Retreat with Danielle MacKinnon @ Leaves and Lizards

Eponicity is pleased to announce our next collaboration with Danielle MacKinnon!

Danielle MacKinnon has been named an expert TV psychic medium, intuitive, animal communicator, and foremost expert on soul contracts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, TV and taught along side some of the world’s most renowned psychics, mediums, healers and TV experts. She will joining forces with our herd of healing horses for this life changing retreat. Limited space to ensure personalized one-on-one interaction with Danielle.

Astonishing. Exhilarating. Revealing. Transformational……
In our every day lives, we hope to learn about ourselves in bits and pieces. We try to grow in small ways hoping they’ll add up, eventually, to something bigger, something meaningful. But imagine doing all this in one week.
Enter Eponicity. I arrived afraid – what if I couldn’t keep up with the “horsey stuff”? I hadn’t ridden since I was 12 when I was told I was awkward and untalented. What if I held the group back or worse…..(it) isn’t about riding or being horsey. It’s about the beauty of animals – and the magnificent relationship between horses and humans. In fact, only one member of our group could ride. One member had never even sat on a horse. It didn’t matter…….. It’s hard to describe because it’s an evolution……. It starts with sitting blind-folded in a circle and waiting for a horse – your horse – to choose you…Your horse lovingly gives you what you need and, in turn, requires that you shed what you do not. Today, I describe myself as arriving in Costa Rica a garden snake and shedding so many skins, I left as a python.
It’s not just the horses. It’s also the people – Danielle, Debbie and Sally….They are more than a team, rather a seamless interweave of talents able to work with each of us to tease out our raw, beautiful humanness and, from there, dip our toes into the pool of our authentic selves.
I am home now, a different person. No one around me can quite name it. Some say I’m gentler, others prefer ‘more directed’ or ‘better grounded’. The words don’t matter because the truth is I’m more me. And becoming me is a never-ending process that I’m honored to have begun with Eponicity at Leaves and Lizards.
Julie Davidson, CEO, U.S. (May 2017)

Please contact us for more information about attending this retreat. Space is limited and will fill quickly. A $500 deposit will hold your spot.