Horse and Soul Retreat with Danielle MacKinnon @ Leaves and Lizards
Oct 18 – Oct 25 all-day
Horse and Soul Retreat with Danielle MacKinnon @ Leaves and Lizards

Eponicity is pleased to announce our next collaboration with Danielle MacKinnon!

Danielle MacKinnon has been named an expert TV psychic medium, intuitive, animal communicator, and foremost expert on soul contracts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, TV and taught along side some of the world’s most renowned psychics, mediums, healers and TV experts. She will joining forces with our herd of healing horses for this life changing retreat. Limited space to ensure personalized one-on-one interaction with Danielle.

“…I came into the retreat not really knowing what to expect. Having read and/or heard accounts from people who have been at L&L for a retreat and exclaimed it to be “life changing” was daunting to me.  I like my life!  The thought of having a life changing experience was scary to me.  Luckily, those thoughts went away once we got started on the actual “work”.  I’m someone who reads A LOT about making changes, becoming more mindful, improving yourself, you name it.  All with good intention, but reading something in a book or magazine and wanting it is one thing – you need to know HOW to make it happen to understand and change.  To me, that is where the horses came in.  After going through the process of being chosen by my horse, it seemed that he knew just what it was that I needed to work on.  And in very real & tangible ways, he was able to show me how to change.  That being said, the facilitators (Debbie, Sally, Danielle) was really what created the space in which I was able to feel safe enough to allow myself to be vulnerable and share my “stuff”.  I can’t say enough how meaningful it was to have facilitators with the compassion, understanding, energy and knowledge to help pull all the pieces of me out and then guide me on putting myself back together.  The combination of the horse and human facilitators is, I believe, what made my experience so essential to conquering the real lasting change I have been seeking for so long.

I did enjoy all of it – what I enjoyed most (maybe not in the moment, but looking back at it definitely) was the sense of accomplishment when I was pushed (gently nudged) to do something uncomfortable.  The facilitators’ (collectively Debbie, Sallie, Danielle) ability to know just how much to push was so helpful.

I believe the things I learned about myself have changed me on a very deep level, and they changed the way I look at myself and how I am living my life.  I have a new belief in myself and who I am that can’t help but alter the way I live my day to day life now.

Life-altering! :)”  ~ Kathy Rumsey, U.S. (April 2017)

Please contact us for more information about attending this retreat. Space is limited and will fill quickly.

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Scissorgy Day Spa Presents: Yoga Instructor ~ Eric Kolesar’s Costa Rica Yoga Retreat @ Leaves and Lizards Retreat
Oct 26 – Nov 1 all-day

Bibbity Bobbity Boo!

In the fall of 2018 Felicia Steriti-Smith discovered a magical place with a special yoga instructor at the base of a smoking volcano in the Costa Rica rain forest. This place is Leaves and Lizards, their retreat program is Eponicity and the yoga instructor is Eric Kolesar, founder of Higher Living Now. Eric has studied and practiced a wide variety of yoga in his 20+ years of experience. His personal style brings connection, peace, light ~ illuminating an awareness of the possibilities of what lies within us during his yoga classes. Join Felicia in Costa Rica in October 2019 and experience the magic yourself!


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Healing the Healers Retreat @ Leaves and Lizards
Nov 2 – Nov 9 all-day
Healing the Healers Retreat @ Leaves and Lizards
As a Healer your soul has been called to give, to heal, to provide comfort to others during difficult times; with selflessness and compassion.
Your needs are often set aside and life consists only of giving and can you may find it hard to receive.
 Eventually the giving becomes a strain, both physically and emotionally.
The depleted healer becomes vulnerable to burn-out, and can begin to perceive their healing gift as a burden.
 Recognizing it is essential to take time for self-care, to renew and to learn to receive can restore light and energy back into the soul of the healer.

Click here for full brochure: Healing the Healers 2019

The Soul and The Ego: Allowing Symbiosis @ Eponicity - Leaves and Lizards Retreat
Jan 4 – Jan 12 all-day
Sand Tray Therapy – Female Archetypes @ Leaves and Lizards Retreat Costa Rica
Feb 2 – Feb 9 all-day

Please note: Costa Rica 13% tax is added to the cost of this event. 

Non Participating companion $990 plus 13% tax. Includes food when on-site and shared lodging