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Just Be

Just Be

Reboot Yourself in Costa Rica

Are you a human BEING or a human DOING?

Go beyond a typical vacation with a retreat, workshop or sabbatical designed to recharge, restore balance and cultivate your energy for life.  Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Retreat, Costa Rica, is a sanctuary in the rain forest away from the stresses of daily life. The energy of the volcano and natural surroundings are the perfect reset button. 


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Workshops, Retreats and Events

Leaves and Lizards Retreat is an intimate privately located venue. We organize group events and can provide services for events/groups up to 40 people. Consider us a good location for country style weddings, reunions and educational programs.

Leaves and Lizards hosts a variety of workshops throughout the year for individuals or groups that are looking for a vacation or retreat offering opportunities for growth, self awareness, healing, or learning a new hobby. Leaves and Lizards is considered one of the best horseback riding destinations in Costa Rica. Consider one of our Eponaquest Retreats or Workshops.

Reboot Individual and Family Sabbaticals at Leaves and Lizards

We offer programs for individuals and families who are looking for a sabbatical experience.  We custom create programs for people to unplug, regroup and rediscover what makes you tick. Sabbaticals may include a variety of activities, designed to support the process of the re-boot! Activities may include: Yoga, Art, Sculpture, Equine Work, Personal Coaching, Cultural Experiences, Hiking or/and a wide variety of Adventure Activities.

Eponicity Equine Facilitated Learning

Experiential learning is a powerful way of creating sustainable change.  Rather than working with just words  (which we often forget or cannot translate easily into new situations), experiential learning enables us to tap into an experience (and associated feelings) when we want to re-create the learned response.   Experiential learning, is just that, an experience.  It is a solid memory of an action that provoked a reaction internally or externally, connecting our logic with our intuition. We use the Eponaquest model of EFL.

The Power of the Herd  Corporate Team Building Workshops 

Horses can help us to better understand human group dynamics. Whether in family groups or corporate groups, using herd behavior as a model, we explore the benefits and challenges of defined roles within groups. We experiment with these roles – Leader, Dominate, Nurturer/Companion, Sentinel and Predator – as defined by Linda Kohanov, founder of Eponaquest and author of “Power of the Herd”.  Contact us for more information to set up a customized retreat/workshop tailor made for your group.




Horses are ancient creatures, a species that has survived for 50 million years.  Evolved as prey animals, their lives depend upon the ability to properly and correctly assess a situation and react accordingly.  Therefore; they have developed extremely heightened intuitive senses, enabling them to accurately perceive what is happening around them and then energetically communicate this to the rest of the herd.  If they sense fear, they reflect back the emotion of fear.   As humans when we begin to understand this energetic interaction we learn about ourselves from what they are reflecting back to us.  They make the invisible visible, if we know how to see it. Horses give us immediate feedback when we become congruent with our thoughts and action. They teach us to listen to our intuition, use emotion as information and set our ego aside, as our intuitive self emerges we awaken our ability to find peace and balance in our lives.

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Eponicity Eponaquest EFL

Eponicity Participant Comments

Deborah Draves Legg

Deborah Draves LDeborah Draves Legg Head Shotegg  left her life in the USA and a 25 year career as a registered nurse in 2006 and created Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Cabin Retreat in Costa Rica with her husband, artist,  Steve Legg.  Her years working as charge nurse and transport nurse in Neonatal ICU, Pediatric ICU, Adult Hospice, Director and founder of a pediatric home care program prepared her for the challenge of creating this healing retreat in Central America.   Leaves and Lizards Retreat offers guests adventure activities, yoga, massage services, permaculture garden, and produces foods for farm fresh prepared meals. Horses found their way into Deborah’s life serendipitously after the move to Costa Rica.   Little by little as the herd grew to 20 plus horses so did the equine therapy programs.  As an RN and an Advanced Riding Focused Eponaquest Instructor, Deborah brings insight and wisdom to hotel guests, local therapy clients and retreat participants in the glorious shadow of the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.

SalSally Nilsson Head Shotly Nilsson is an expert facilitator, certified executive coach, experienced mentor and instructor in Eponaquest horse-led leadership and personal development activities.

Sally spent 15 years as a corporate attorney in London and Hong Kong, starting her career in a leading global law firm and culminating as General Counsel of a multi-billion European real-estate investment firm.

She stepped off the deal junky path in 2015 to follow her passion and focus her full attention on supporting others to find and access the life they truly want – and to believe that, like her,  they can create it.

With her unique and playful style, she works with individuals to find sustainable balance and freedom – so often lacking on the corporate treadmill in this digital age – in their own lives.

Sally is currently based in Costa Rica, with clients spanning Europe, Central America and the US.

Photography Workshops

Rob Knight Photo Adventure workshop offer participants opportunities explore the world around them through the camera lens.

Rob Knight with students.

Rob Knight with students

He is a representative for Panasonic (LUMIX) cameras. Bring your own gear or if you are just starting out Rob provides participants with loaners to try out before investing large amounts of money. It’s a great opportunity to explore a new hobby and learn from a professional. Cultivate an emerging passion for photography or take an advanced course and move your skills to another level. 

Daytime activities offer excellent opportunities to shoot wildlife, surreal landscapes, tropical flora and fauna and cultural diversity. In the evening participants share photos, learn editing techniques and how to use current software applications. 

Rob Knight can host workshops anytime throughout the year for private groups.

Rob Knight

TraRob Knight Head Shotvel and nature photographer Rob Knight has been a professional artist for nearly thirty years. He’s been a photographer for over 15 years and an educator since 2010. Rob is a member of the Panasonic LUMIX Luminary team and a Manfrotto Ambassador. He is a published author and an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop Lightroom. Rob is a two-time finalist for the National Association of Photoshop Professional’s “Photoshop Guru” award for photography.

Rob is best known for his destination photo workshops, his easy-going teaching style and his informative critiques. While he enjoys teaching in a classroom setting, Rob prefers the more hands-on learning offered by working with students on location. Rob founded Rob Knight’s Photo Adventures workshops in 2010 to provide all-inclusive photo workshops in Costa Rica. In addition to the popular Costa Rica workshops, Rob Knight’s Photo Adventures now offers trips in the U.S. to destinations like Route 66 and coastal Maine.

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