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Equestrian Journeys

Join EponaQuest instructors Shelley Rosenberg and Debbie Legg on our next equine assisted learning experience. August 2014. A Spa Vacation with an Epona Education. Special guest instructor, Dr. Rosalyn Berne, author of "When the Horses Whisper". This is a life changing experience. All riding levels, even beginners can join this workshop. Space is limited.

2014 Holidays

This Holiday Season we are offering A Holiday Vacation with an Epona Education. Facilitated by Shelley Rosesnberg, Dr. Nancy Coyne and Debbie Legg EponaQuest Instructors. This workshop implements equine facilitated learning principlies to strenghten bonds and improve communication skills within the family unit. All riding levels can join this workshop. Space is limited.

Pura Vida! at Leaves and LizardsWelcome!

Vinculo con CaballoTherapeutic Horseback Riding at Leaves and Lizards.

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Arenal Volcan View from Leaves and Lizards Cabin A visit to Volcan Arenal is the quintessential Costa Rica volcano experience. The black conical shape rises imposingly from pristine primary rainforest. Imagine yourself rocking gently in a hammock on the porch of your private cabin enjoying the best view of the smoking Arenal Volcano, sipping a tropical drink while listening to Howler monkeys complain about the afternoon rain. Our vision at Leaves and Lizards is to create a perfect blend of Adventure, Discovery and Tranquility for each guest - follow our Costa Rican adventures on our Facebook Page HERE.


Arenal Volcano Horseback Riding at Leaves and Lizards We invite you to explore our site and discover our little slice of paradise. Whether you are looking for a vacation that is adventure filled or relaxed or a combination, we work closely with you to create your perfect Costa Rica experience! We are considered one of the Best Retreats and Horseback Riding Destinations in Costa Rica.

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  1. Watching the sunrise light up Arenal while lying in your bed listening to the sounds of the waking forest.
  2. Trekking at the base of smoking Arenal on an old lava flow and watching the sunset from this moonscape-like terrain.
  3. Walking behind a waterfall and jumping into the refreshing pool below the falls.
  4. Connecting with your horse while riding through pastures and rainforest.
  5. Learning about the wildlife in the rainforest and discovering how the forest is so intertwined.
  6. Spotting a Chestnut Mandibled Toucan in a tree in front of your private porch.
  7. Collecting your own breakfast fixings: Milking a cow, making cheese,gathering eggs, caring for the piggies, and picking fruit.
  8. Cultural exchanges during one of our community tourism experiences.
  9. Sharing with other guests at dinner in our Lava Lizard Restaurant.
  10. Escaping to our little piece of paradise-disconnect to re-energize!

Arenal Volcan View from Leaves and Lizards Cabin
Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Retreat Hotel
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